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Genius baby

Dear Noob,

I wrote this letter because I’m sure that you’re not feeling well. You might be asking the same questions you’ve been asking yourself few months ago. Don’t bother to answer those questions when you don’t even know the answers to your simple tasks. That’s reality. I know how you feel belittled with your situation. I know how hard for you to look up when you’re being pulled down by foolishness. And when inexperience is not an excuse to commit mistakes.

It will pass. There’s a season for everything. Consider this  as a season for questions and a lot of mistakes. Take this as if you’re just passing a strange place and you’re just few hours away to your destination. The journey might be different, but if others were able to reach their places, you can definitely do the same. Just keep on striving. Run till you finish the race. 


People are willing to help, you just need to ask. I know that because I’m not a “noob”.


Optimistic Noob

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