Damaged Time


Thinking I can fix my watch on my own, I tried to open it and do some “not so expert repair”. Sadly, it became worst. Before I open it, the minute hand, hour hand & second hand are together. After pulling something out, I mess things up. So I brought it to a technician and he fixed it in no time.That got me thinking about difficulties in life. 

Sometimes we are trying to fix things on our own instead of relying to someone who can definitely help us. God knows our story and He knows our burden even before we asked. [Matthew 6:8] The technician keen’s way of fixing the watch reminds me how beautiful God’s ways are – how He fixes things on His ways and on His time. Ways beyond what our hearts and mind can comprehend but assures better days. [Isaiah 55:8] No struggles last forever when you’ve got a God who holds and fixes our limited time.