Damaged Time

Thinking I can fix my watch on my own, I tried to open it and do some “not so expert repair”. Sadly, it became worst. Before I open it, the minute hand, hour hand & second hand are together. After pulling something out, I mess things up. So I brought it to a technician and he fixed it in no time.That got me thinking about difficulties in life. 

Sometimes we are trying to fix things on our own instead of relying to someone who can definitely help us. God knows our story and He knows our burden even before we asked. [Matthew 6:8] The technician keen’s way of fixing the watch reminds me how beautiful God’s ways are – how He fixes things on His ways and on His time. Ways beyond what our hearts and mind can comprehend but assures better days. [Isaiah 55:8] No struggles last forever when you’ve got a God who holds and fixes our limited time.

A Letter For Noob

Genius baby

Dear Noob,

I wrote this letter because I’m sure that you’re not feeling well. You might be asking the same questions you’ve been asking yourself few months ago. Don’t bother to answer those questions when you don’t even know the answers to your simple tasks. That’s reality. I know how you feel belittled with your situation. I know how hard for you to look up when you’re being pulled down by foolishness. And when inexperience is not an excuse to commit mistakes.

It will pass. There’s a season for everything. Consider this  as a season for questions and a lot of mistakes. Take this as if you’re just passing a strange place and you’re just few hours away to your destination. The journey might be different, but if others were able to reach their places, you can definitely do the same. Just keep on striving. Run till you finish the race. 


People are willing to help, you just need to ask. I know that because I’m not a “noob”.


Optimistic Noob

Proverbs 3:5


Handpicked by God


Me: A little rain is necessary in our life. But what if it’s a storm?

Me: Have you ever been in a situation where you felt that whatever you do the outcome is always the opposite of what you wanted? Where you’re struggling so much and you haven’t recovered yet but another trial is on your way? To the point that you asked God, “Why of all people You’d let this happen to me?”

Rainbow Painter: Faith answers questions that a human mind can’t ponder. It creates a bridge of trust directing us to God’s answer. Maybe He has a reason? Cliche but it’s true.

Rainbow Painter: Or maybe you’re handpicked?!

Rainbow Painter: Isn’t great to know that God chose you to experience difficulties because He knows you can handle it? Or you got this unique disease because you’re special to Him? That if others were given the same situation, they might not be as strong and brave as you are? And that the reason why you keep failing is because God already set a better place for you? Amid billions of people, you were personally selected by God to fulfill a certain purpose that only created for you. This journey is hard. You’ll be beaten and crashed into pieces. But God put His trust on you because He knows you can. So prove to Him that He made the right choice.

Her Fight


“That small voice saying that you’re not good enough. It’s not true.”

My day won’t be completed without a random song. Yet there’s always a song that’ll touch the deepest string of your heart and make you feel better; make you feel starting again and keep you on moving forward.

Rachel Platten’s Fight Song will refill your dying hope. We all have stories. Stories of failure, struggles and triumph. But you won’t  get to the finish line without obstacles. It doesn’t matter where you are right now for as long you’re moving. You have to fight! It doesn’t matter if you’re knees are shaking for as long as you’re standing. You’re still standing because you have dreams so keep on fighting! 

Rachel’s song is literally her “fight” song. A song that puts her in the place where she is right now. A song that kept her fighting until she reached her dream. A dream for her music to be heard. But for me it’s more than her music. It’s her courage, struggles and determination. It’s her story.

Pepper (Little Boy)

“If you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move,” – Matthew 17:20. This is the bible verse to which the main character, Pepper from the movie Little Boy grasps and set on his heart to bring his dad back.

I don’t know if this movie wants to improve the faith of its viewers but it did for me. The movie concentrates on the “ancient list” that Pepper needs to complete to bring his dad back from war. Well, that’s how it appears to the little boy but it is not how the priest explained it to him. The priest is saying that it’ll be up to God to decide on the outcome of list. The tasks are on the image below

Little Boy

plus a personal mission which is to befriend a Japanese man who is considered enemy of United States in the war.

So here’s the glitch but a beautiful one; one of the tasks is to bury the dead. Unfortunately, it was his dad who died in the war and he buried to complete the list. What’s the sense of completing the list if it is his father who needs to die to complete it? But the movie ends with Pepper being able to meet his dad again.

Technically, Pepper wasn’t able to complete the list because the task to bury the dead was voided due to a mistake on his father’s death. (One of the movies’ twists)

In reality, I see this glitch as how God really works in us. We may not be able to complete a certain task He wants us to do but He’s more than willing to give us blessings. We may not be able to meet his standards but He’s there to answer our prayers, to guide us and to love us.

Today, I’m very busy of doing nothing. I don’t have anything to write. But I want to have new post once in a while. So I decided to write about me – of having nothing to write.