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In His Ways

It’s been 1 month that I didn’t get a chance to attend our church’s Sunday service due to my in-house review. Honestly, I didn’t feel guilty about not attending church service every Sunday. It is because I assure myself and God that I will not waste my time during those days. I also read my RBC ministries’ Daily Bread every morning to somehow remind me that I need to give part of my time to God. And then guilt knocked on my heart this morning, I thought of going to church today.

I don’t read my Daily Bread based on its date. I read it whenever I want it and I feel that I need to. This morning, the passage I read was entitled, The Most Important Days. It says, “The time spent with God is a time well spent”. This last line of the passage opened the door of guilt to my heart. I thought that God is giving me sign that He wants me to attend the Sunday service today. I disregarded my guilt and continue to what I’m doing, until I received a text from my classmates saying that our review for today is cancelled.

I smiled and said to myself, “God texted me”. It’s like God make a decision for me today. He painted a rainbow for me. He really did! He cares for me!

These are the times that I really proved that God cares for all His children. I don’t know how but faith knows how. When there are times in our life that we can’t decide for ourselves, take a time reading bible or anything that would remind you of God, I’m confident that He will make a decision for us. A far better decision than what we can imagine. If you can’t make right decisions, ask God to do it for you.

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