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Have you ever doubt God’s goodness? Have you pray for blessings and until now you can’t see God’s answer? Everybody does and those are the times that we didn’t seek the small light in the dark. Painting a rainbow at those times will be helpful. To start a rainbow, try to listen to Laura Story’s song entitled Blessings. This song can let us see beyond what our naked eyes can see.

In our daily living, we pray for blessings and wait for God’s answer. Most of times we are overwhelmed in what we receive and few times the answer is delay. But actually, there is no delay in God’s time. We are just being blinded by the darkness around us. We must not doubt God’s goodness. What we need is to change the way we look in His ways. Instead of looking in raindrops as trials, paint it as billions of blessings. Instead of being sad in crying, paint it as a way of healing. Instead of being tired for the sleepless nights, paint it as God’s way to be closer with us. It is because through faith, trials in our lives are all blessings in a different form. Without using our hearts painting these scenarios, we will stumble and fall. It is not hard to paint these little things using our huge faith to God.

God gave us rough journey, but we can expect to have smooth landing. Nothing worth having comes easy. We may receive blessings in different forms like pain, sadness, and trials but in the end, we’ll realize God’s reasons are far better on what our mind can perceive.

Darkness is part of our lives, we just have to seek the small light and make the best of it. Through faith, that darkness is actually part of the small light. In a different view, we’ll realize that God is giving us more blessings than what we ask.

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