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There is a tree at the side of our house. This tree bears fruit every summer for a long time. But every beginning has an end. One day the tree started to die but still standing even though it has no leaves. Sad? A bit yes and a bit no. Yes, in a sense that the tree is vanishing but since I’m a rainbow painter, no. Let me paint the rainbow this way; even though the tree is dying, it leaves for a purpose. The purpose lies behind the lonely appearance of the dying tree. The tree’s beautiful leaves were gone, but replaced by the magnificent view of the sky perceive underneath. The fruits will not come back, but the warm sunlight can now pass every morning.

This coming 2012, let us paint a rainbow. 2011 will end soon but let us look behind the dying days of this year. What are images you see? Are you sad? A bit yes? Or a bit no? Whatever that is, it has a purpose and it will be better this coming year. Be optimistic. If you had 10 dreams last year, make it 28 this year.

2012 can be a great year if we will focus our hearts in the images behind the negative aspects of life. Let us start this year with a prayer and try to see the most colorful rainbow.

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The first time I thought to start this blog, I feel excited because I have another outlet for my thoughts. But you will not appreciate light without the absence of the light itself. What’s the connection?  You will not deeply appreciate your work if you will not encounter some hindrances. I mean the excitement I felt have a touch of fear, doubt, and millions of questions. I am thinking that creating a blog requires time, probably “enough time” for an inspiring post. Will I be consistent? Will this blog be sensible? Or am I just wasting my time? Sort of procrastination? So many questions that I will not have the answer, unless I try.

Answer? Paint a rainbow! Just like the title said, “it always seems impossible until it is done”. Sometimes in our life we’re afraid of doing things because of the probable outcome which we don’t know if it will be positive or not. Who knows the future? The answer is a big NONE. But even if nobody knows that, we have the control of it. God gave us this gift called “present”. What we just need is to do the best of what we can and accept the outcome of our limitations.

By the way, I consider this post as the birth of this blog since today is also the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that I can help people in the same way our Savior did.

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