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Part of every school-minded person’s life is the last part of pencil and paper chapter, one of the chapters in my life that I have been waiting for. I am talking about collegiate graduation day, the day to give thanks to the Painter of my life. I am really waiting for this day since my story in choosing my course is different. It is not as easy as the yes or no questions. Nursing was my choice, but unfortunately, I woke up one day in the direction God has painted for me. I took the direction with doubt. I am in doubt taking engineering course. But as the day goes by, I am realizing that I am on the right track.

Last March 27, 2012, at 4:00 in the afternoon, it happened, the day to be grateful to God, to give the biggest thanks that I can. I spent 3 semesters for Nursing, 1 semester for Computer Engineering, and the rest of the days for Electronics Engineering, but God spent every seconds of His holy time for my wisdom, health, relationships, and blessings beyond the sky. I am being foolish when I doubted God’s plan. I realized the reason why God made a U-turn in my decision. I am not saying that Engineering is better to Nursing but it is what God wants me to do. Probably, He let me took Nursing to meet great friends, which adds color to my life and lead me to Electronics Engineering to complete the scene. I am confident that God is at my back, to tell me where I must go and give me the choice to take it, freely.

To the students who are also waiting in the last part of pencil and paper chapter, just keep the faith and God will lead the way. Make this chapter worth remembering by letting God write this chapter for you.

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Few weeks ago, I’m in the library studying for my quiz in Broadcast Engineering and Acoustics subject. As I’m looking outside the window, the freezing air from the air conditioning unit was comforting my eyes to close. Out of this sleepy scene, a little bird catches my attention. This bird was flying the same way that other birds did, but when I looked at it for several times, I somehow realized how this bird painted a rainbow. It forced its little wings down, then up, repeats it, struggles, tries it again, and struggles, maintaining altitude, and then fly. See? Do you see what the little bird did? It doesn’t care whether hindrances blocked its way. To this little bird, what is more important is how it can fly.

Life is full of struggles. Everyone experiences hindrances along the way but how a person respond in the situation creates the difference. We must focus our eyes in the direction we are going and disregard the things that cause the delay in our flight. God does not promise a smooth journey but a magnificent landing. We will encounter struggles in reaching our dreams, but perseverance in keeping the altitude of our dreams will get us there, just in time.

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In His Ways

It’s been 1 month that I didn’t get a chance to attend our church’s Sunday service due to my in-house review. Honestly, I didn’t feel guilty about not attending church service every Sunday. It is because I assure myself and God that I will not waste my time during those days. I also read my RBC ministries’ Daily Bread every morning to somehow remind me that I need to give part of my time to God. And then guilt knocked on my heart this morning, I thought of going to church today.

I don’t read my Daily Bread based on its date. I read it whenever I want it and I feel that I need to. This morning, the passage I read was entitled, The Most Important Days. It says, “The time spent with God is a time well spent”. This last line of the passage opened the door of guilt to my heart. I thought that God is giving me sign that He wants me to attend the Sunday service today. I disregarded my guilt and continue to what I’m doing, until I received a text from my classmates saying that our review for today is cancelled.

I smiled and said to myself, “God texted me”. It’s like God make a decision for me today. He painted a rainbow for me. He really did! He cares for me!

These are the times that I really proved that God cares for all His children. I don’t know how but faith knows how. When there are times in our life that we can’t decide for ourselves, take a time reading bible or anything that would remind you of God, I’m confident that He will make a decision for us. A far better decision than what we can imagine. If you can’t make right decisions, ask God to do it for you.

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Have you ever doubt God’s goodness? Have you pray for blessings and until now you can’t see God’s answer? Everybody does and those are the times that we didn’t seek the small light in the dark. Painting a rainbow at those times will be helpful. To start a rainbow, try to listen to Laura Story’s song entitled Blessings. This song can let us see beyond what our naked eyes can see.

In our daily living, we pray for blessings and wait for God’s answer. Most of times we are overwhelmed in what we receive and few times the answer is delay. But actually, there is no delay in God’s time. We are just being blinded by the darkness around us. We must not doubt God’s goodness. What we need is to change the way we look in His ways. Instead of looking in raindrops as trials, paint it as billions of blessings. Instead of being sad in crying, paint it as a way of healing. Instead of being tired for the sleepless nights, paint it as God’s way to be closer with us. It is because through faith, trials in our lives are all blessings in a different form. Without using our hearts painting these scenarios, we will stumble and fall. It is not hard to paint these little things using our huge faith to God.

God gave us rough journey, but we can expect to have smooth landing. Nothing worth having comes easy. We may receive blessings in different forms like pain, sadness, and trials but in the end, we’ll realize God’s reasons are far better on what our mind can perceive.

Darkness is part of our lives, we just have to seek the small light and make the best of it. Through faith, that darkness is actually part of the small light. In a different view, we’ll realize that God is giving us more blessings than what we ask.

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The first time I thought to start this blog, I feel excited because I have another outlet for my thoughts. But you will not appreciate light without the absence of the light itself. What’s the connection?  You will not deeply appreciate your work if you will not encounter some hindrances. I mean the excitement I felt have a touch of fear, doubt, and millions of questions. I am thinking that creating a blog requires time, probably “enough time” for an inspiring post. Will I be consistent? Will this blog be sensible? Or am I just wasting my time? Sort of procrastination? So many questions that I will not have the answer, unless I try.

Answer? Paint a rainbow! Just like the title said, “it always seems impossible until it is done”. Sometimes in our life we’re afraid of doing things because of the probable outcome which we don’t know if it will be positive or not. Who knows the future? The answer is a big NONE. But even if nobody knows that, we have the control of it. God gave us this gift called “present”. What we just need is to do the best of what we can and accept the outcome of our limitations.

By the way, I consider this post as the birth of this blog since today is also the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray that I can help people in the same way our Savior did.

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