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Losing To Win

C’mon, it’s not as bad as it looks.” – Brendan Conlon

Sports that intend to hurt someone for the sake of winning are probably in nowadays. I’m referring to “nothing personal” intentions and just pure game. Few of these sports are boxing, wrestling, and mixed martial arts. People behind it are fierce, brave, have a blood of melted copper and have heart of steel. That is my view before I watch the movie, Warrior. It is the story of two brothers who joined the five million dollar tournament, Sparta, where the two meets at the championship.

Warrior changes my view to people behind these somehow bloody sports. I’m impress with the character of two brothers, but two minutes before the movie ends, Tommy, the former U.S. Marine, wins the battle when he lose. Giving up is not in their vocabularies and both have great reasons to win, so losing can’t be seen in their eyes. In the movie, it is technically Brendan who wins because Tommy tapped the back of his older brother when he almost breaks his shoulder. But Tommy inspired me when he decided to stop the fight, not because he wanted but because he must.

Tommy paints a rainbow although he was defeated. His character in the movie is the least person you will think will give up, but he did. Everyone wants to win, everyone aims to be on the top of the highest mountain, and everyone who dreams deserve a vision like that. We all know that even the beautiful rose has thorns and so is life. Biggest and hardest rock is created to block our way, but sometimes we must make a life turning decision to get through. God provides obstacles to lead us to the way which is worth living for and which is definitely better than what we can ask for.

Whole heartedly accepting our defeat doesn’t make us a loser. No one can be greater to a person who accepts failure and ready for the bounce back.

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